C.R. Fahey

Comic Artist. Writer. Illustrator.

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C.R. Fahey

Comic Artist. Writer. Illustrator.

C.R. Fahey (Casey) is an Artist, Writer, Amateur Dungeon Master, and recovering Paranormal Romance Addict from New York.After earning her degree in Studio Art, she naturally followed up with abandoning the gallery space in favor of chasing whatever shiny indulgent project ideas came to mind and packing them (and many many hard drives) full of magic, monsters, fantasy goodness, and all of the LGBT+ themes and characters she didn't get to see nearly enough of growing up.

Their work so far includes...

  • "Avibus", an experimental learning experience of a first comic that ran from 2014 to its unfortunate hiatus in 2021

  • Saints'Quarter, an urban fantasy series that began posting in October of 2016. Volumes One and Two were Kickstarted for print in the springs of 2020 and 2021, respectively. Volume Three is currently posted on a weekly basis on the comic website.

Convention Schedule:

Brooklyn Comic Con 2023The Breeze, Brooklyn, NYJune 10-11, 2023
FlameCon 2023Times Square Sheraton, New York, NYAugust 12-13, 2023
WinterCon 2023Resorts World Casino NYC, Queens, NYDecember 2-3, 2023

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Saints' Quarter

A series about an odd little neighborhood between Brooklyn and Queens, NY, and the people magical, non, or Otherwise, who live there.
When two new residents move into the ‘Quarter with the help of their witchy cousins, they find themselves in the middle of stranger and stranger happenings, even by the standards of their new home.
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Current Chapter Cover


After bringing home a strange
homeless girl named Scarlet, Kelley Russo discovers a fascinating hidden world of cryptids and legends.
But she is far from welcome.
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